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18 September 2014BRIDGET and THE BIG GIRLS BLUES
Andy´s guitar and Syd´s double bass give a rhythmic and harmonic backing to Bridget´s powerful vocals on jazz and blues classics. Come the atmosphere of the ´speakeasies´ of the 1920´s America. "The Good Times Don´t Roll" until Bridget sings !!
16 October 2014Steve BROWNING and Wayne ELLIOT.
Steve´s laid back vocal style together with his dynamic guitar work is complimented by Wayne Elliot´s formidable bass playing on a range of songs from old Delta Blues to B.B. King classics.
30 October 2014COOL HAND Pete Hayward & Graham Harrison
Singer/guitarist Peter Hayward and harmonica player Graham Harrison have both been playing blues since they were teenagers in 1960s. Although they were influenced by classic old-time blues singers like Bill Big Broonzy, Sonny Terry and Brownie McGee they also bring the same spirit to the more modern songs that they also include in their repertoire. Pete provides full historical details of all the songs, as well his own personal connections to them and their original performers.
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